Boston College vs Purdue

Boston College vs Purdue: Wednesday 3-0 pm (1-0 ACC) ranked 23rd on the Boston College team Eagles went to West Lafayette, Indiana on the Purdue Boilermakers team play 0-3. After winning the meeting against the Wake Forest team, Boston College will begin its first 4-0 start and will continue to climb from the Matt Ryan era. What do you think of the game and what did Purdue contribute to the stadium? Get more information below.

The Hawks have returned to the top 25 for the first time in a decade, and if they want to continue climbing, they need to keep winning. They have not started 4-0 since 2007 and they have only started 4 times since 1955. At the same time, Purdue University has not lost four consecutive games since it took a 0-5 lead in 1982 and needed some momentum before the Big game. Ten. Start

Key match

Boston College’s high scoring offense compares to Purdue’s youth defense. He scored at least 40 points per game in the first three games. This is the first game in the history of the Hawks. The Boilermakers defense is fighting in the last game. In each of the first two games, each game resulted in costly personal fouls and gave up a decisive percentage of field goal in the last game of the last two weeks.

Watching player

Boston College: RB AJ Dillon. Since it premiered in October of last year, Dillon ran 168.8 yards per game to be the best sign of an active FBS guard. His 1,688 yards are seconds in Jonathan Taylor of Wisconsin.

Purdue University: Field Marshal David Blough. Due to Elias Sindelar lost to an injury undisclosed sum game last week, Blake responded to a school record of 572 passing yards and 590 yards of total meeting offensive record.

Facts and data

Last week, Hawks quarterback Anthony Brown made the best 304 yards and 5 touchdowns against ACC Wake Forest opponents. … Purdue LB Cornel Jones, sophomore, is second in all FBS players and useful in making mistakes (7.5). … Boston College has intercepted twice in each of the first three games. … The average Boilermakers offense (7.1 yards) is the fifth in the nation. … This is not the first time that Eagles coach Steve Adazio has faced Purdue University. From 2002 to 2004, she was assistant to the State of Indiana. … Purdue University beat the ACC 6-6 opponent in the regular season, defeating the ACC team 6-3-1 at home.

Led by former field marshal Jeff Bloom, Purdue’s offense is as productive and quick as his offense. With starting quarterback Elias Sindelar missed, senior captain David Blough (57-81,694 yards, 70.4%, 3 TD, 1 INT) has strengthened and shone in the center position. Black is playing a professional game with Missouri. He lost 572 yards to 39-55 and lost the game 40-37. Brian’s favorite target was Rondale Moore (25 receptions, 262 yards, 2 TD), while Jared Sparks (13 receptions, 138 yards, 0 TDs) has also entered the mixed state.

Outside the defense zone, D.J. Knox (35 leads, 252 yards, 7.2 YPC, 2 times TD) and Markell Jones (21 carries, 141 yards, 6.7 YPC, 0 TD) has become a problem against the defense. Knox and Jones each person has a different running style – just like a week ago, the Wake Forest AC team to see the same defense zone – and Bu Langmu good use of the two guards to defend the defense balance. To say the least, Knox scores 7.2 yards per carry, and every time Jones’s average value is 6.7 yards, it’s impressive. No matter who is lined up in the queue, BC will be out all Saturday.

In general, this is a very dangerous unit that can be attacked at any time. Purdue averaged 520.7 yards per yard in early attacks, and despite a record record, Bloom believes his offense can score in any defensive defense. Brohm will never say that the attitude of death reflects his offense, so BC will participate in a game.


Like Wick Forest, which BC saw a week ago, Purdue’s defense was young and he came up with how to replace the key players a year ago.

Defender Derek Barnes has taken the lead with 25 tackles and one death, but by stopping the high-octane offense, Purdue’s offense has been well represented. Due to the combination of double threat of Anthony Brown and AJ Dillon, Boston College has an average of 577 yards per game, so there is no doubt that if Barnes and the company want to stop the Hawks’ offense, they must surpass themselves same. Scroll to the first three weeks of 2018.

One of the saving graces of Purdue University is his way of dancing in high school. The unit broke 12 passes in three games, which is impressive given the RPO they have

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