Nebraska vs Michigan

Nebraska vs Michigan:  Michigan decided to face two unbeaten Nebraskas (0 wins and 2 losses) on Saturday, ending a 14-year drought in the first 10 championships and taking a small step.

Patterson has made three touchdown passes in each of the last two games, with 74% passing 362 yards and intercepting West Michigan and SMU.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said: “Shea has always been very good.” “Launch precisely in time, in most cases, good protection.” The complete receivers have been catching football, separating, opening and completing the game.

“This is positive,” he said.

Patterson became a potentially negative situation, moving to Michigan for a low-income state in Mississippi.

“I grew a lot as a person and field marshal,” he said. “I think coming here really gives me a better understanding and understanding of football.”

At the same time, Nebraska hopes that quarterback Adrián Martínez can compete for the first time because his right knee was injured after losing to Colorado this season.

How close is the freshman in the game?

Coach Scott Frost said on Thursday he “is very close.”

Even if Martinez made progress, Frost said it was not that simple.

“Once again, it’s not just ‘Are you ready?’ Frost said.” This is, is he ready to reach a certain level mentally and physically, can he protect himself during the game and make sure he stays healthy? ”

If Martinez is not allowed to participate in the competition, second-year assistant Andrew Pers will continue his second outing. In the game lost to Troy last week, there were 27 shots, 19 of 177 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Here are some other things about the game Nebraska-Michigan:

Angelique S. Chengelis: The Michigan defense will be tested. Hey, the defensive players say they want to be the best unit in the country, which is a great test, especially if quarterback Adrián Martínez is healthy enough to play. Cornhuskers ran 329 yards against the Colorado team and 187 yards against Troy’s team. Both are losses, but they show that they can control the ball. Wolverines ranks 38th in the nation, averaging 121.7 yards per game. Errors and penalties are a problem for Nebraska. Michigan, 28-10

Matt Charboneau: This is very simple for Cornhuskers: if the newly arrived field marshal Adrián Martínez is healthy and can play, he will have the opportunity to get out of trouble. If not, expect Wolverines to win his third winning streak. Nebraska has been fighting defensively, and although there are some signs of climbing in both games, Huskers still allows a lot of yards in the air. With Wolverines opening the Big Ten game in an impressive way, Shea Patterson has another exciting game. Michigan, 35-17

John Niyo: Scott Frost challenged his team’s battle or his escape instinct after losing against Troy last weekend. But the Nebraska coach does not have the depth or talent to execute his system. Jim Harper can not say that anymore. Michigan, 34-17

Bob Wojnowski: In theory, Cornhuskers lost six consecutive losses and was injured, which can make them dangerous. If the new and dynamic field marshal Adrian Martinez (legs) appears, they will be more dangerous and will have problems. The offensive line in Michigan has a better performance because Nebraska won 10 games in two games after the quarterback. If Karan Higdon is healthy, then he should boost the Wolverines running game immediately. Michigan, 30-16

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