Notre Dame vs Wake Forest

Notre Dame vs Wake Forest:  When the Notre Dame attack campus of Wake Forest in Winston on Saturday – when the Salem BB & T Stadium, a quarterback will join the other 10 players with white shirts from Ireland.

On Thursday night, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly dropped to two due to the practice of Notre Dame at the Loftus Sports Center when a heavy rain fell in South Bend.

He will not go further.

Brandon Wimbush – last 16 games and 15 games have started – or Ian book, last year in the absence of Wounded Wimbush carried out the first counterattack in North Carolina – will be the first on the field.

Both will be filmed in the game Wake Forest.

“All of them will participate in the competition,” Kelly said. “I’ve said it all year, they’re all ready, they’re ready, we’ll need them both.”

As the country’s 120th passer defense, Notre Dame will seek to capitalize on Wake Forest’s poor early-season performance. Only one interception, the demon deacon has given up 10 touchdown passes.

It is considered that this book is a football pitcher with a more basic and more accurate sound. Wimbush is the most dynamic of the two, although Book far exceeds the best decision makers for reading options.

So far this year, the book has released approximately a dozen snapshots, mainly in the blue area (five yards and the middle line). On Saturday, at the University of Notre Dame he defeated Vanderbilt at 22-17, scored two touchdowns in the first four games and tied the score with a two-yard score.

Of course, here are some tips on games. Wimbush and Book are different quarterbacks. By leaving the starting point open, Wake Forest will digest more on his plate.

When asked if the paper comes out of the blue zone book, Kelly said: “He is ready anywhere (three games) this is the game where he played his blue ready to play anywhere.” Red and white This is where we chose to beat him in those games. ”

Kelly said in August that she would write a book if the situation decided. Describing Wake Forest’s pass defense.

“Every week, we try to prove that our team has assets, and we will apply those assets to places that we think are good for us,” Kelly said. “When we started this work in August, we thought it was best for us to prepare our boys.

“We have good players and we are guiding them, we have good receivers that are going to appear at different times, we have a tight end or field marshal, so they are willing to help us.”

Kelly said: “We think he’s a good quarterback who recruited him to Notre Dame to win the championship, like we do for Brandon. That’s why we let him take part in the game against Vanderbilt – win if … We put him on this weekend , because we believe it can help us win. ”

Another week, and another game against Notre Dame against Ireland, the world remains skeptical about Domers. This is your own fault, until you start wasting what is worth losing, there will be many skeptics.

Bring the Deacon Deacon of Wake Forest.

This season, the team will choose the Notre Dame game and each of them will choose to follow another team this season, instead of each choosing five or six games, and will also make predictions for this game.

I highly recommend (to our loyal readers) that you do the same. In the comments below, it gives a prediction that Notre Dame will fight the Irish and let another team follow and predict them. You may see the team side of Florida Crocodile, or the Ohio State, Buckeye or Boise Broncos, no matter who it is. Join and expand your love for Notre Dame Football and expand college football

Pat Sullivan
Notre Dame fights against Ireland 28, awakens the demon forest demon 20

In this Irish defense, I think. Julians (Love and Okwara), Jerry and Alohi great game caused enough damage in the wake-up offense to prevent the Demon Deacons score enough to keep up with Tony Jones Jr. in another strong game and Miles of several great game Boykin, In short, give the Irish an advantage.

Florida Atlantic Owl 38, UCF Knight 34

After the Oklahoma opener was so bad, Joey Frewater was eager to win a big declarative and frustrating victory. Look for our owls to fly to new heights and get the Cavaliers off the road, increasing to 3-1 during the season.

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